In a challenging world that requires a new era of responsibility and engagement, Insignias Global is dedicated to transformation for governments, corporations and international leaders in both the corporate and political sectors. We go beyond advocacy – building, defining, and elevating brands.

Our international firm is led by founding principals who are top business and diplomatic leaders that prove anyone can effect change with words, actions, and movements.



Insignias Global is a leading international advisory firm that provides business and political leaders strategic consulting that garners results. Our firm is led by experts who are top business and diplomatic leaders who have proven at home and abroad you can effect change with words, actions and movements. We change culture, we change lives, and we impact the future. Diversity and inclusion are key to our culture and our leadership team exemplifies those values. We take pride in the humanitarian approach in all that we do, living by and working with one simple premise: do what is right.

James Brewster

Ambassador James W. (Wally) Brewster

Principal, Insignias Global 

Ambassador Brewster is an internationally recognized businessman, political leader and human rights activist. He most recently served as the United States Ambassador to the Dominican Republic from November 26, 2013 to January 20, 2017, during the administration of President Barack Obama.  His appointment made history as he became the first openly gay Ambassador to serve the United States in the Western Hemisphere alongside his husband Bob J. Satawake.  Ambassador Brewster is credited with advancing the human rights of the Dominican people and migrants of Haitian descent through dedicated work with multiple governments.  Read More

Bob Satawake

Bob J. Satawake

Principal, Insignias Global 

Bob’s dynamic background as an internationally recognized communication strategist has paved the way for many renowned opportunities and partnerships, both domestically and abroad.  His robust experience includes organizational design, efficiency, internal/external communication, and global marketing and positioning, making him a key insights holder for companies looking to strengthen their international and domestic business and political contacts while gaining a better understanding of the global marketplace. Read More


Today’s world is cluttered with brands, broken promises, and false claims — how do you break through in a saturated market? 


It’s a question we continuously ask ourselves, and this challenge has become our north star as we look to carve out a unique white space for each of our clients.  As marketers, we’ve entered a new era of responsibility and engagement.  But as challenging and complicated as it has become to build, define and elevate brands, our proven approach remains simple: think differently, challenge convention and defy the odds.

Insignias Global will change the way you — and others — see your brand.  Helping you realize its full potential as you increase revenue and broaden the scope of business is the heart of what we do.



Our relationships throughout the world’s diplomatic community, and with legislative leaders both domestically and on a global stage, provide clients with access and insights on multiple levels. It’s our mission to help fulfill and grow each opportunity, domestically or abroad, while providing the tools and resources needed to succeed in each endeavor.

INSIGNIAS GLOBAL holds a keen understanding of the global marketplace and the nuances necessary to navigate government and cultural interactions. Each client has a unique set of objectives, which is why every challenge is assessed holistically and strategically by our interdisciplinary leadership team.  We then provide clients with a seamless and strategic roadmap to success, simplifying what can be seen as a traditionally complicated process.


We live in a world of an uncertain political climate and parties divided. It is a time when bi-partisanship and doing what is right for the country and the world is of utmost importance. Insignias Global helps clients shape political strategy, transform vision into reality and deliver the relationships that help move platforms forward. Whether it’s vying for political office, affecting legislation, or supporting a cause, we deliver results.


Envisioning change takes passion; enacting change takes the right team.  Through relationships and partnerships with top business and diplomatic leaders spanning the globe, combined with innovative thoughts we create new opportunities with growth and revenue. Insignias Global has proven that you can effect change with words, actions and movements. Cultivating new ideas and impacting cultures — whether it’s across the country or around the world — takes teamwork. We are stronger when we are united than when we stand alone.